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Is the West Coast the best coast? Depends on whom you ask, I suppose, though personally I’ll always have a soft spot for sunny SoCal, with its year-round sunshine and laid-back vibe. NYC has its charms, of course, but Five Farms availability is not currently one of them! So for the purposes of this post, at least, the West Coast is for sure the winner. (I’m not deliberately trying to start a 90s-era East/West rap rivalry between Allyn Feldman and John Martinez, though I confess to being secretly delighted by the thought of imagining Allyn as a rapper.)

John has plenty of great news to report from the Golden State! Unfortunately California’s draconian liquor laws prevent me from being able to identify the names of specific retailers, but I can share the pictures below and give you the broad strokes of what he’s been able to accomplish.

Five Farms is in almost 500 accounts in California as of the end of March! This includes distribution in all 26 locations of a *totally* great chain throughout the state. There have been Five Farms tastings in grocery chain accounts, and it’s available at several smaller chains with locations in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Five Farms was the hit of a St. Patrick’s Day Irish Dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant in San Gabriel, and it’s now available at a super ritzy Santa Barbara hotel. Finally, it’s gotten multiple menu placements at a prominent restaurant group with five locations from Laguna Beach to Pasadena.

Congratulations, John! I know we’re all excited to see this kind of activity in California – keep up the great work!