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August 10


A recent post of a video using Tequila Rose with different 360 Vodka flavors to make “shake shots” has already been viewed more than 100,000 times with lots of comments and shares. (Screenshot attached.) Just a fun little reminder that this brand is having a resurgence and is wildly popular on social media, so keep your TR opportunities top of mind! To paraphrase a song from my erstwhile days as a girl scout…. “Make new creams, but keep the old! One is silver and the other gold.” Too corny for you? Then let’s move on to the FIVE FARMS news of the week.


The people of Iowa went crazy for Five Farms at this festival! Mike and his distributor reps poured over 7500 .5oz samples over two days last weekend! Mike said the lines were non-stop and that there were visitors from 46 different states, many of whom asked when it was coming their way. The most requested states were Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, and Florida. Mike checked in on his local accounts after the festival – three had sold out of the product, and two others that had started with 10-case buys were down to three or four cases.


Iowa Irish Fest is a great example of how our coordinated efforts can lead to success. Mike and his reps were boots on the ground handling the execution of the event, but Josh’s efforts on social helped drive people to that tent. He posted at the start of the festival (targeted to Iowa), some of Mike’s accounts then shared the news themselves that we were at the festival, and Josh capped it off with another post saying thanks to all who attended and providing this list of Iowa stores and tastings on our website. (Screenshots attached.) As we continue to gather lists of stores, we can set up similar pages for other states!


Here’s a great example of another way that sales and social can work together. Allyn asked Josh whether any consumers from Virginia had been reaching out about availability in that state. He wanted to have some ammunition to show his distributor there. So Josh created a lead generation campaign, targeted to Virginia and asking people to enter their zip code if they wanted to see Five Farms in their area. Over 100 people responded, allowing Josh to create a list for Allyn to show his distributors of where the interest is in the state. (Screenshot attached.)


In case there is anyone who is still doubting whether Five Farms can be sold when it’s 100 degrees outside….Jordan Scott secured a 5-case milk can display at a local grocery store at the Lake of the Ozarks in the middle of July! He supported the store with a two-hour demo and the display has already been completely depleted. Great job, Jordan!


MKE Irish Fest is next weekend, but Shanna has already been super busy working on pre-festival events. She did a tasting this week for the 150 volunteers who will be working the Jameson bars at the festival, since our product will be sold at those bars. This was at the request of the festival! They wanted those volunteers to know about the product and be able to talk it up and sell it. She’s also doing a tasting tonight at “Milwaukee Starry Nights”, a pre-festival concert that is expected to draw as many as 2500 people. She will then be doing yet another tasting on Tuesday of next week for another group of 200 key volunteers (again at the request of the festival) so that we are essentially creating brand ambassadors who will be talking up Five Farms throughout the four-day festival. Shanna also did an on-premise event last night at a chic Milwaukee restaurant that’s right on the water. It was a perfect night for the event, as there was a water ski show happening on the lake, and she invited lots of local restaurant owners. She went table to table, talking to people about Five Farms and giving out about 150 samples either in a signature white chocolate martini, served neat, or in a bread pudding made by the restaurant. Can’t stop, won’t stop!! Go Shanna!


There are a few other festivals coming up in the fall that we are close to securing agreements with… Peoria Irish Fest (IL), Irish Fest in the Forest (NC), Indy Irish Fest (IN), Yachats Celtic Music Festival (OR), South Shore Irish Fest (MA), and The Great Irish Fair of New York (Brooklyn). We may also be at the Irish 5K put on by the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton, MA. Organizers are starting to hear about Five Farms and are very interested in having us at their festivals! Thought I’d share a few quotes from some of the people we’re talking to:

“When this package showed up, I was bowled over. It is beautiful. I took the bottle to our monthly meeting to let the entire organization taste the product and everyone agreed that it is really, really good. I am predicting that your presence at our festival will be a huge success.”
– George, Irish Fest in the Forest

“We had our meeting on Tuesday and I must say that your product was a huge hit! It is so smooth and not bitter like some of the other Irish creams. Suffice it to say that we loved it, and we would very much like to include you in our weekend.”
– Mary, Indy Irish Fest


“What a wonderful surprise to hear from you – we’ve been hearing about Five Farms and didn’t know when it was coming to Illinois! We would be delighted for the Illinois debut to happen at the Peoria Irish Fest. Let’s move on this quickly because we would love to get the publicity we think this will generate.”
– John, Peoria Irish Fest

I’ll wrap things up by saying that we’ve been reaching out to a whole lot of people about a whole lot of things over the last two years, and “what a wonderful surprise to hear from you” is not typically the response we get (if we get a response at all). The enthusiasm for this brand is real!

Have a fantastic weekend! Be sure to drop me a note whenever you have your own Five Farms success stories so I can share them in these weekly recaps.