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August 17

Writing to you from Milwaukee, where Irish Fest is officially underway. Last night was a sponsor and VIP night with a few thousand people and a rousing performance by the Red Hot Chili Pipers. Yes, that’s Pipers, not Peppers. They’re the rock and roll bagpiper band that you you never knew you needed in your life! (Clip attached.) It was a beautiful night and there was a lot of love in the air for Five Farms! I can’t even tell you how many people told us how much they love this brand – we all felt a little bit like celebrities walking around in our Five Farms shirts. We had a great conversation with Pat Breen, Ireland’s Minister of Trade, Employment, and Business. He’s not a drinker so he didn’t give it a taste, but he was wowed by the story of the brand and happily posed holding the bottle (picture attached).

Tonight is the opening night to the public – we’ll be doing our first of four official tastings, we’ll be served in all three Jameson bars and both coffee bars, and we’ll be poured freely all weekend in the VIP hospitality area. Over 100,000 people are expected to attend over the next three days! So things are about to get crazy. We’ll look forward to giving you the full MKE Irish Fest recap after the festival.

In other Five Farms news…


Mairéad Geary is the mom behind the Irish American Mom blog and she is crazy about Five Farms. She recently wrote two different posts about it – this one talking about the brand and our presence at Milwaukee and Kansas City Irish Fests and this one featuring her own recipe for Berry Irish Cream Mousse. And the folks at OnMilwaukee did a fun Facebook Live video of the boozy breakfast meeting they had yesterday morning sampling Five Farms. You can watch it here.


Kansas City Irish Fest is only two weeks away, and there is a lot of Five Farms activity in the market in advance of this festival. Even though Five Farms is ‘Off-Sale’ in the month of August, Wyatt Bayless has gotten Browne’s Irish Market and several chain stores in the area on board to bring additional cases to their floor to sell during the week of the festival. Chain stores throughout Kansas City and privately owned stores alike have all been notified of the sponsorship with Irish Fest and are on notice to have a strong inventory of Five Farms going into late August. Wyatt tells us that store owners, managers, and employees alike are chomping at the bit to see this brand do even more damage this fall and winter. In other Kansas City Irish Fest news, Joe Quinn was able to expand that partnership even further so that Broker’s and 360 Vodka will now also be poured at the festival.


Molly LaChance and Mike Edwards both have great stories to share this week about Five Farms kicking Bailey’s out of accounts. The Willows Lodge is one of the top resorts and spas in the greater Seattle area, and they have replaced Bailey’s with Five Farms property-wide. In Iowa, Des Moines restaurant Cosi Cucina now promotes Five Farms as its featured Premium House Cream Liqueur and lists it as an ingredient in four different drink options! A picture of the menu is attached.


We’re getting close to the launch of the Five Farms “test market” in New Hampshire. Paige had a great PR hit – she sent a bottle to the food editor for New Hampshire Magazine, who is going to include it in her foodie newsletter that goes out to over 10k people in New Hampshire. And Josh is already hard at work targeting consumers in the state. He came up with a fun idea for announcing new states – he asks our distributor’s digital media contact in each state to send him a state-specific coffee mug, which he then photographs with a bottle of Five Farms. I’ve attached a picture of the New Hampshire mug (with the state motto, “Live Free or Die”), sent to him by our Horizon contact.


Wisconsin-based bourbon enthusiast Scott Page reviewed Five Farms on his YouTube channel, My Bourbon Journey. It’s a lovely review (“The quality of everything – the packaging, the product, all of it – is hands down the best I’ve seen. Taste-wise, this is fantastic.”), but it also highlights something interesting that we are starting to notice. Bloggers who typically focus exclusively on whiskey or even bourbon are very interested in this brand. Have you ever seen a bourbon blogger raving about Bailey’s? Or talking about Bailey’s at all?

On that note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!