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August 3

What a week! Was the National Sales Meeting really only three weeks ago? Doesn’t it feel like a million years ago? Things are moving fast. A few updates…


Notes from a recap from Molly earlier in the week…

  • 80 cases sold in two days in Oregon, all displays of 6 cases or more
  • Stores that brought it in last week have already reordered and it’s selling fast!
  • Success in small chains in Washington
    • Metropolitan Market – 7 stores! Will be doing a major holiday push.
    • Town & Country/Central Markets – 6 stores!
    • Red Apple – 2 locations approved now, more coming.
    • Myers Group – 5 stores!
    • Haggen’s Grocery – approved, number of stores TBD!
  • Over 100 on-premise placements of three bottles or more
  • Per Molly: “We have their attention. Everyone is behind this in WA and OR and it is being communicated as a top priority. Young’s is calling out sales reps who haven’t sold a case yet in emails highlighting their underperformance. They love this brand!


Hot on the heels of the insanely successful Iowa crew drive (390 cases sold, 47+ displays of six or more cases!), Mike Edwards and his distributor reps have a tasting tent set up at Iowa Irish Fest today and tomorrow. This festival draws 40,000 people and he’s set up in a prime spot right next to the main stage. Good luck, Mike!


The Elders are a renowned KC-based Irish band and over the next few months, they are playing their final performances on a farewell tour. We just committed to sponsoring their farewell performance at the Kansas City Irish Center on New Year’s Eve, and they will now happily be our brand ambassadors at their upcoming festival performances – several we are already involved with (Kansas City, Iowa, Weston) and several we have reached out to (Peoria, Syracuse, Michigan). They will be shouting out Five Farms from the stage, sending people to the tasting tents.


In addition to Kansas City Irish Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, and Iowa Irish Fest, we have reached out to tons of festivals in all of the states where we are launching. We haven’t heard back from them all yet, but a few others that we are actively talking to right now include Indy Irish Fest, Irish Fest of the Forest (NC), and South Shore Irish Fest (MA).


Thanks to all for setting up the calls with the digital media reps from your distributors. We have had several fantastic calls already, with reps from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Upstate New York, Texas, and Illinois (with Indiana scheduled next week). The energy on these calls has been so incredible – everyone we’ve talked to is so excited about the brand and so excited to partner with us to promote it digitally through their outlets in addition to our own. It is going to help the Five Farms launches take off in these states, and it is such great relationship-building for us so that we can start to partner with them in promoting ALL of our brands in this way.


We had a great call with Allyn and a team from Horizon Beverage. We learned so much about New Hampshire being a “test market” state and talked through so many ideas about how to make a huge impact there. They were able to give us a list of the 36 test stores now, so even though the product won’t be on shelves until late August and the official “test market” period won’t start until early October, Paige is already reaching out to media in NH and Josh is already working on his targets for acquisition campaigns and digital advertising that will hit people who live in the area of those 36 stores. We’ve also already set up a landing page on the Five Farms website (not yet live) that lists all 36 of those stores and will provide tasting information when it is available. Call me crazy, but I predict Five Farms is going to go down as the most successful test market in New Hampshire history!


Five farms is obviously the #1 focus for everyone right now, but we’ve got a rock solid premium portfolio of other brands to keep an eye on. As Mick said at the meeting, as Five Farms rises, our other brands will rise along with it. Here is a fun little piece that a writer for Inc. Magazine posted on National Tequila Day last week, naming Hussong’s as his #1 favorite tequila.

Have a great weekend, everyone!