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August 31


Saw that Aretha Franklin’s funeral was this morning just as I sat down to write this recap, so now I have her songs stuck in my head. But it’s a fitting intro for the great news out of Texas! Kelly Sporich and Mike Dry have been making the rounds pitching Five Farms to the chain stores in Texas and they are killing it!
Spec’s: Authorized in 71 stores – 84 tastings booked
Goody Goody: Authorized in all 20 stores – 48 tastings booked
Total Wine and More: Authorized in 24 stores
Costco: Authorized in all 23 stores
This kind of excitement about our brand among the largest liquor retailers in the state of Texas is unprecedented. It’s going to be fun to watch what happens as the product rolls out across the state!


Wanted to share this quote we received from one of our contacts at Milwaukee Irish Fest: “I would like to thank your team for your fantastic showing at our festival. I have never in my years seen a crew come into our festival and be that excited and passionate about a product. It is for good reason too, your Irish cream is amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the different things people were going to put it into. I heard things like pancakes, coffee, cereal, and others. Please let me know if you need anything from me in the future and I look forward to a lasting relationship between Irish Fest and Five Farms.” I love this quote. I love that the excitement and passion of our team was something that warranted praise in addition to the quality of the product itself. And I think it puts a big fat exclamation point on something Mick said at the National Sales Meeting, which is that when we show others that we believe in the product ourselves, they will believe it as well.

In other great Milwaukee News, Shanna reports that stores in the Milwaukee area have sold 40 cases since the festival – that’s 40 cases in less than two weeks!

In other great quote news, wanted to share that even festivals we can’t work with yet are loving and supporting us! We were in conversations with Charlotte Irish Connection about their festival in September but won’t have the distribution in time to do it this year. They sent this note upon hearing the news: “While the Charlotte Irish Connection is disappointed with this news, we are anticipating a bigger and better Irish Festival next year and we are looking forward to Five Farms participation! We will keep you posted about our 2019 activities and additional opportunities for tastings, but also feel free to reach out to us if there is any assistance that we can provide to the Five Farms team in launching your excellent product in Charlotte.” I mean… Just wow.


Five Farms made its Illinois debut at Peoria Irish Fest last weekend – a much smaller festival, but the same huge response. The weather affected turnout a bit, but Matt and Shanna still gave out almost 1700 samples of Five Farms and created a lot of new fans. The only downside is that the festival was two weeks before product hits the shelves in Illinois, so those new fans all have to wait to buy it! I’ve attached an image of a few of the quotes we got on Facebook from Peoria.


Check out the new Five Farms van (image attached)!! Some of the local team will be hitting the road in this sweet new ride in the months to come. Stay tuned for more details!


OK, I’m off my Aretha kick and have moved on to The Beatles. Fitting for two reasons – first because the skies have cleared for the opening night of Kansas City Irish Fest tonight! After thunderstorms yesterday and a forecast of rain throughout the weekend, we were worried about weather affecting the festival. But for tonight at least, things are looking good! I’ll update with pictures and stories of KCIF next week, but wanted to share this awesome video of the festival organizers and some of their volunteers shouting out their love for Five Farms!! They are so excited for us to be here and I know this will be the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership.

But The Beatles also came to mind when trying to think about how to describe the reception that Johnny Harte has received here among the Kansas City Irish community. I feel certain that it must be similar to the first time The Beatles came to the US in 1964, with less hysterical screaming. The lovely folks at Browne’s Irish Market hosted a reception for him in the store last night, and Johnny was like a celebrity! I’ve attached a picture of him signing a bottle, which almost every guest in attendance asked him to do. It was a great night that further cemented the relationship that the local team has established with the owners.

Speaking of the local team, they shared some news with me today about their success in Hy-Vee grocery stores. Hy-Vee will be running an advertisement for Five Farms for the entire month of September. Wyatt sold in two 10-case stacks in Hy-Vee stores in the Northland, and Jordan Scott sold in an unbelievable 25-case stack at a Hy-Vee in Blue Springs, MO!


Wanted to share this picture (attached) of two of Mike Edwards’ distributor reps manning a tasting booth at the Irish Hooley in Dubuque, Iowa, last weekend. This is a fantastic example of distributors who are fully on board with us and believe in this product! They found this event on their own, it’s one that wasn’t even on our radar. They made the arrangements to be there and they staffed it themselves. There is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to expect this kind of buy-in from our distributor reps everywhere! Some of them might take longer than others to get there, but they can all get there. Let’s help them get there.


Finally, I’ve been remiss in the prior recaps to have not included the rest of our marketing team. Josh and Paige have gotten some well-deserved shout-outs for their work on social media and PR outreach, but the rest of our marketing team is just as involved in the Five Farms push and just as committed to its success. Our insanely talented design team of Rachel Dignan, Gaby Fernandez, and Brendan Smith are the ones who designed the wrap for the van I just showed you, and the Five Farms website, and the fliers/flags/banners/signage that we’re using at all of these festivals, and everything else you can think of (for this brand and for all of our brands). They work hard, and they work fast – not sure how they get it all done in a five-day work week, but they do. And Elizabeth Hobbs is the project manager who oversees it all and makes sure that no one loses track of what needs to get done and where it needs to go and what the deadlines are. They might not be out in the field getting the same kind of facetime that a lot of us do, but the work they are doing is just as important. Thank you, team!!! We appreciate your efforts.

That’s it for this week. I need to get over to KC Irish Fest! Keep your fingers crossed for me that someone is selling a reuben quesadilla like they had at Milwaukee Irish Fest, because it was super delicious.


(Strawberry Fields Forever?? OK, I’ll stop. I’ll stop! I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.)