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Happy Monday, everyone! Bells are ringing, people singing, all is merry and bright! Check out these two additional gift guide recommendations for Five Farms.

First, Imbibe Magazine has become a go-to drinks bible for spirits lovers everywhere since its launch in 2006, celebrating drinks as a “distinct culinary category.” Their editors fell in love with Five Farms and included it in their gorgeous November/December print issue, the Holiday Drinks edition. Their recommendation calls the product “decadently creamy with notes of butterscotch and a firm, boozy boost.”

Second, Green Global Travel said Five Farms is “arguably our favorite new discovery” in its list of Best Gifts for Travelers. Green Global Travel is a travel blog that launched in 2010, promoting the beauty of travel and the richness of the world’s many cultures, including Ireland! They have about 60,000 followers on Instagram.

Have a great week!