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This post has nothing to do with a rooster. My apologies if the image of an adorable rooster suggested otherwise. It’s a sign of a loopy mind after all of the crazy things that have happened this week…and it’s still only Tuesday!

This is a post about a store called Macadoodles in Springfield, Missouri, which happens to be another account managed by Mr. Jordan Scott. Let’s all give Jordan a big high five for two blog shout-outs in one day! Well done, sir.

A rep from Macadoodles went onto a local show called Ozarks Live to promote holiday drinks and it honestly couldn’t be better promotion for us if we had scripted it ourselves. (Rich Hillsman, apologies for stealing your line.) The segment begins and ends with Five Farms and the rep repeatedly refers to it as the “World’s Best Irish Cream” despite the fact that there are two other Irish creams featured in the same segment.

You can watch the segment here. Enjoy!

Other retailers in Springfield that sell Five Farms include Price Chopper and Brown Derby.