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On the Fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Five Golden Faaaaarms, Four Dairy Cows, Three Shamrocks, Two Irish Jigs, and a Cocktail for you and for meeeee!!!! (You’ve gotta sing it out loud to appreciate it, folks!)

This is such a fun video to share! These guys call themselves the Pub Crawlers and they’ve been doing a “12 Days of Christmas”-themed series of videos promoting various spirits. They chose Five Farms for their Fifth day, appropriately enough. It’s a fantastic recommendation of our product, it’s already received over 6000 views between their Facebook and YouTube channels, and best of all…..these guys are our distributors! True story. These gentlemen are from Buquet Distributing in Houma, Louisiana, and they just launched Five Farms in the state earlier this month. They are clearly big fans of the brand! What a great reminder of the ways in which so many of our distributors in our 2018 launch states have gotten behind our brand.