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I was going to ask how many of you remember that ubiquitous “I’m Gonna Be” song, but then I realized that it was written in 1988 and that there are probably a good many of you for whom it may not ring a lot of bells. It was by a Scottish duo called the Proclaimers, and it was used in many movie soundtracks and played on the radio constantly. Constantly!

But I digress. The reason I have that song stuck in my head is because of a story that Rudy Paredes shared with me recently. Rudy is on our marketing team and he’s been handling all of the consumer inquiries that come in via our websites (including Five Farms).

The Elders are a renowned, KC-based Irish band. They are disbanding at the end of this year and have been on a farewell tour of the US….Five Farms will be the presenting sponsor of their official final performance ever at the Kansas City Irish Center on New Year’s Eve.

The band also went on a six-week final hurrah in Ireland, and a group of about 150 of their most fervent fans went along for the ride. A Five Farms fan named Jeff who was on that trip messaged us via the website, asking where he could buy it in various cities in Ireland. He also told us that he was on a “one-man quest to spread the word about Five Farms” – to his travel companions as well as to every bartender, store owner, or hotel hospitality person he encountered on his trip.

Rudy sent back a list of stores where he could find it, as well as some great tourism information about the Wild Atlantic Way, the coastal route along which our five farms can be found. Jeff followed up to say that he had found it at a store in Waterford that he had walked four miles to get to! We’ve heard a lot of people say they’d do anything to get their hands on a bottle of Five Farms, but not many actually have to walk for miles to find it.

Keep up the good work, Rudy, and keep these fun stories coming!