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I am a total food nerd! I love to cook and can get a little obsessed with cooking shows and magazines, cookbooks, and food blogs. If that describes you as well, you may be as delighted as I was by these two social media posts that popped up in the last few days.

Kathy Gunst has been the “Resident Chef” on NPR’s Here and Now program since 2000, sharing recipes and stories about food. Two recent episodes include a fascinating look at the myriad types of cinnamon in the world and ideas for a holiday cookie swap. (I’m looking at you, Snickerdoodles.) So we were thrilled to see her recommend “rich and delicious” Five Farms to her followers on her Instagram page.

That was quickly followed by another exciting foodie shout-out from the editor of the Ireland edition of Food & Wine Magazine. Food & Wine! She featured Five Farms in her Instagram story, noting the “nice bottle, nice product.”

We were a hit at both the Denver and Utah Food and Wine Festivals earlier this year, and these recent posts are just another indication that the food experts who know a thing or two about good flavors are falling in love with Five Farms.