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Hey everybody! My apologies for being a little behind on the Five Farms blogging. Here’s hoping you all took my book recommendation from the last post and have been too completely absorbed in that story to even notice that I’ve gone a spell without posting. Things are really hopping and keeping us all crazy busy, especially because Irish festival season is creeping up on us!

Our partnerships with festivals like Milwaukee Irish Fest and Kansas City Irish Fest last year were a huge part of the incredible reception Five Farms has received among the Irish-American community! They love the taste, they love the Irish authenticity, and they love the story of this product coming from family-owned farms in Ireland. We will be partnering with many festivals this year – just this week, we signed an agreement with Dublin Irish Fest in Ohio. Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Dublin are the three biggest Irish festivals in the world, each with an attendance of 100,000 or more people! We are the exclusive Irish cream of all of these festivals. Pretty cool, right?

But there are so many others! True festival season starts in the summer, but there are a handful that take place in March, and we are all over those as well. Just last weekend, Stephanie Pechar went to Georgia to represent the brand at the Savannah Irish Festival. We had a ton of support from our distributor there (Empire Distributors) and the Five Farms Irish Coffees were a huge hit in what turned out to be some cool and rainy festival days.

Next weekend, we will have a team at North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas. We are also the exclusive Irish cream at this festival, which is expected to bring in at least 65,000 people. I’d like to see a venn diagram of the intersection of Texans and Irish-Americans who will be raising their glasses at this festival. You know what they say…everything is bigger in Texas!

Other Irish festivals/events in March that we’ll be a part of include the St. Augustine Celtic Music & Festival in Florida, the Tulsa Irish Fest in Oklahoma, and the big “Post-Parade Party” at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center of Wisconsin that follows the Milwaukee St. Patrick’s Day parade.