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I’m sure anyone who sat through that snooze-a-palooza of a game last night would agree that there wasn’t a whole lot of magic on that field (or on the halftime stage). So I thought I’d liven up your Monday with a sneak peek behind the scenes to show you how our own digital MVP is making the magic happen for Five Farms!

Josh Yavitch shared these screenshots to highlight the non-stop efforts going on behind the scenes to promote Five Farms in every state and to identify new fans and create interest in a state even before the product is widely available there.

First, Josh creates state-specific Facebook ads like this one for Florida:

Second, our sales analyst Laurie Wheeler regularly sends Josh updated reports about the availability of Five Farms in that particular state:

Third, Josh then sets up geo-targeting parameters to make sure that the Five Farms ad for that state will show up in the Facebook feeds of people in the state who meet our target demographics and who live within a certain radius of stores where it is available.

This is going on ALL. THE. TIME. And the result is that we get tons of comments and messages like these, from people who saw the ad, can’t wait to try it, and want to know where they can find it.

Now THAT is magic!!