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So tell me how you really feel about Valentine’s Day. Is it a romantic day to celebrate love? Or an over-commercialized excuse for a holiday? Do you find it strange at all that the whole hearts and flowers thing is what evolved from the rather dark origins of St. Valentine’s Day? Just wondering.

In any event, Valentine’s Day is just one week way, and regardless of how you choose to celebrate it (or not), we’re all delighted to see Five Farms popping up in Valentine’s Day-themed articles this week!

Paige responded to a media inquiry looking for “Spirit-Forward Valentine’s Day Dessert Cocktails,” leading to the inclusion of the Five Farms Irish Truffle Martini in this piece on the Taster’s Club website. And a Massachusetts-based publication called The Coastal Table that I’ve been talking to featured a Five Farms “Sweetheart Shooter” in their blog post about sweet treats to enjoy for the holiday. We even made it onto a list of “27 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend” on a blog called Fupping, showing that Five Farms is the perfect drink to share in both love and friendship.

If you’re like me and are filled with overwhelming curiosity about why a blog would be called Fupping, you may be relieved to know that I have the answer! According to the site’s founders, “we were sitting in a service station having hot chocolates (as you do), trying to come up with names for our idea. Nathaniel came up with an idea of creating a word blend and he came up with smashing ‘fun’ and ‘shopping’ together to come up with Fupping. We loved how it sounded a little risqué as well as catchy. We both felt that it would stick in people’s minds the first time they heard it.” So there you have it.