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Studies show that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by about mid-January. So for everyone who is ready for their alcohol and/or sugar fix, this post is for you! No judgment.

Professional baker Julie Kinnaird of American Girl Baking Co. was inspired to make a variety of holiday treats featuring Five Farms for gifting and entertaining. Full disclosure: Julie is a friend of mine, so I was lucky enough to get to try them all myself! White chocolate truffles with a creamy Five Farms center. Five Farms chocolate sauce to enjoy over ice cream (or by the spoonful). Five Farms brownies with ganache icing. Yummy, yummier, yummiest!

We shared the brownies on the Five Farms social media channels and it’s been liked/shared/commented on hundreds of times, earning 10x the amount of engagement of our average posts. There are many ways to enjoy Five Farms and our fans are excited to learn about them! Send us pictures of any cocktails or desserts whipped up by your own friends and family.

The brownie recipe is on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but you can also shoot me a note if you’d like it emailed to you directly. Enjoy!