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Happy New Year, everyone! Who partied like it was 1999? Who can believe that 1999 was now 20 years ago?

The blog’s been a little quiet as I took a much-needed break over the holidays. Hope you were all able to get some downtime of your own and are ready for all of the great things that lie ahead in the year to come! But before we jump into 2019, I want to share a few updates from the waning days of 2018.

We had a handful of additional gift guide listings, in the Irish Independent, the Seasonal Memories blog, the Monsters and Critics blog, and in the “Wicked Local” section of the Boston Herald! Five Farms was also written up in Irish publication AgriLand.

Mike Edwards put the ho-ho-ho in Idaho with the news that the Idaho State Liquor Division created a banner promoting us heavily on the front page of their Mix Blend Enjoy website.

Mark Carter shared the news that Browne’s Market sold 30 cases of Five Farms in less than two weeks leading up to the holidays. (Note: Other retailers in the downtown Kansas City area that sell Five Farms include Plaza Liquor and Gomer’s Fine Wine and Spirits.)

Shanna Meyers reported that Sendik’s Towne Centre in Brookfield, Wisconsin, told her that in the ten-month period from mid-February 2019 to mid-December 2019, they had moved 550 units of Five Farms in their store, averaging 60 units per week in weeks that tastings were held. A leading competitive brand sold 115 units during that same time period. (Note: Other retailers in the Brookfield area that sell Five Farms include Otto’s Beverage Center and Total Wine & More.)

And finally, we put out this press release promoting Five Farms as an excellent last-minute gift idea just before Christmas.

There is an Irish toast that says “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.” Wishing everyone all the best in 2019!