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There is truly so much to love about Five Farms. The creamy, dreamy, whiskey-forward flavor. The story behind the five family-owned farms that provide that dreamy cream. The Irish authenticity in every detail.

But we also have one beauty of a bottle! From the wide-mouthed opening and the embossed details to the swing-top ceramic cap and the metal carrying handle, this is one spectacular package that is modern and unique while at the same time giving a very distinct nod to the centuries-old tradition of Irish dairy farming. It’s a combination that has both critics and customers swooning.

Five Farms was just awarded a Double Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Design Competition. With over 130 entries, the judges indicated that this was their most competitive year to date. Over half of the entries received no medal at all, and we were one of only five brands to win the Double Gold, the highest honor.

Most people don’t want to let go of their empty Five Farms bottles! We recently put up a post on Facebook asking our followers how they reuse their bottles and we got a ton of comments. There are a lot of people using them as vases, naturally, but we also got responses about turning them into piggy banks for grandkids, making candleholders out of them, and using them to dispense olive oil or dish soap. One crafty customer even wrote about using a hand drill to remove the bottoms from the bottles and turn them into hanging lamps.

If you’re not so crafty yourself or you just have too many used bottles to turn them all into vases (why is everyone looking at me all of a sudden??), you might see if there are any groups in your local area that you can donate them to. Here in Fort Collins there is a business called Who Gives a Scrap that accepts donations of items that can be used for crafting and then sells them at affordable prices to promote creative reuse of materials. My (extremely minimal) collection of empty Five Farms bottles flies off their shelves.

These bottles are too lovely for the landfill! Share with us your own ideas for reusing them in clever and creative ways.