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Welcome to our first Five Farms blog post in almost six months! It’s not for lack of great news to share, that is for sure. But between the wild ride we’ve been on since that time and the desire to share news in the best way possible, we hit pause on the blog for a bit. We’re now sending updates via The Holladay Express monthly newsletter, which may occasionally link to this blog to be able to share more content. Which is exactly how you ended up here! So here we go…


In 2019, Five Farms was the “Exclusive Irish Cream” of 17 Irish festivals, the USAToday Wine & Food series of 10 events, as well as other independent food and wine events such as Denver Food & Wine and Grand Rapids International Wine & Food Festival. A big thanks is owed to our traveling team who spent a lot of time away from home over the last few months to help promote at these festivals – Wyatt Bayless, Kelly Cassell, Matt Marlatt, Zach Renfro, and in particular Stephanie Taylor, who also managed all of the behind-the-scenes wizardry it takes to activate these events. But an equally big thanks goes out to the sales crew in each of the festival states for helping with logistics and often promoting alongside our road warriors! 

Our rough estimate is that we sampled over 55,000 people on Five Farms at festivals this year and sold a whole lot of cocktails in the process. For the second year in a row, Kansas City Irish Fest sold over 100 cases worth of cocktails at their 2.5-day festival!  


Our partnerships with Irish festivals have been instrumental to our early success, as the organizers are a large but tight-knit community and their support has allowed us to get in front of an audience of Irish-American festival-goers who love Five Farms both for its taste and its Irish authenticity. For the second year in a row, we were also invited to participate in the annual conference of the Association of Irish and Celtic Festivals. It was held this year in Pittsburgh PA, and we were represented there by Stephanie Taylor, Zach Renfro, and everyone’s favorite Irishman, Johnny Harte, who was given a speaking slot to delve deeper into the history of Irish cream and the story of Five Farms. This was a great event that allowed us to learn even more about the festivals and to deepen our relationships with the organizers. 


Did you know that in addition to the US and Ireland, Five Farms is now available in the following countries? Austria, Bahamas, Canada, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom!

The Five Farms launch in Ireland has been off the charts! We are projecting sales of 3,000 cases in this first year – a remarkable accomplishment given that aside from the category leader, Irish creams do not sell in Ireland. The revenue from Irish cream sales at the duty-free store in the Dublin Airport is up 25% since Five Farms was introduced. 

Pictured below are Daniel Beadell, Peter Martin, Sean Hanifin, and Johnny Harte representing Five Farms (as well as Tequila Rose and Broker’s Gin) at TFWA Cannes, a trade fair that we had to wait ten years to get into! The opportunity to showcase at this event is already opening doors to new distribution and duty-free options for our brands.