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Black ’47 is a movie that takes place in Ireland in 1847, during the Great Famine. It’s apparently an action-packed thriller about an Irishman who deserts from the British army to return to Ireland to avenge the deaths of his family members. It highlights a tragic time in Irish history, when the British Empire ruled the country and created a serf class of tenant farmers, exporting their grains to England while forcing them to subsist on potatoes, leading to crisis when blight struck the potato crops.

Our friends at the Irish Cultural Centre of New England in Canton, MA, hosted a private screening of the movie this past weekend. We were a sponsor of this event and they had a sold out crowd of 200 people who enjoyed Irish music, corned beef and cabbage, and a sampling of Five Farms prior to the show (and cocktails for purchase during it! The ICC folks have been huge advocates for our brand in the Boston area and are eager to work with us on their Boston Irish Fest next summer. So many people who have tasted Five Farms at the ICC have requested information about where to buy it that we were able to get additional off-premise placements in Canton.

Locations in Canton where Five Farms can be purchased include Luke’s Liquors and Tri-Town Discount Liquors.