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So listen to this….a couple of weeks ago, the folks at the Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival reached out to us about whether we would participate in their festival. They sent us a message saying they’d been hearing about Five Farms from people who had gotten to try it and that it was “all the rave” in Michigan. How awesome is that?

This was the festival’s 11th year and they bring in about 20,000 people over the three days of the festival each year. It is not an open sampling festival; attendees pay an entrance fee but then have to buy tickets in 50¢ increments, and each food/wine/spirit sampling is assigned a ticket amount by the festival organizers. Samples of Five Farms were priced at two tickets, so $1.00 per 1oz pour.

Nikki van Frank and Matt Marlatt were our feet on the ground, giving out samples and telling the fine people of Grand Rapids all about Five Farms. They gave out over 100 samples in three hours on Thursday evening, over 300 samples in six hours on Friday, and about 600 samples in eight hours on Saturday! One of the chefs even used it in his cooking demonstration session on Saturday night.

Thanks to Nikki and Matt for hopping into action and representing the brand so well! Hope one takeaway for everyone from this story is that when good opportunities arise in your area, we can activate pretty quickly to have a strong presence at all kinds of events.