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Hello everyone! If you’ve been missing the blog this week, it’s because the software crashed and it took us a bit to get it up and running again. Unfortunately a post from Thursday with a lot of really great news from Colorado got lost in the shuffle, so I’ll do my best to recreate it here.

Cody and I got to spend a couple of days together last week in Fort Collins, Colorado, visiting accounts to introduce them to their new favorite Irish cream. Fun Fact about FoCo: Disneyland’s Main Street was modeled after Old Town Fort Collins! The architect of Main Street was from this town and was inspired by the charming tree-lined streets and historic buildings. I live in Fort Collins and have to agree that it’s a pretty magical place! All of Old Town is lit up with holiday lights that sparkle from the November lighting ceremony (taking place tonight!) all the way until Valentine’s Day. 

Cody and I had a blast visiting over a dozen on-premise accounts and about half as many off-premise. Cody has coined my new favorite tagline for Five Farms…”It’s not just farm-to-table…it’s more like cow-to-bottle!”

We had a lot of success! My favorite visit was to The Farmhouse, an awesome farm-to-table restaurant where the manager, chef, and bartender all LOVED everything about Five Farms – the bottle, the story, and especially the taste. They said it seemed like the bottle had been custom-created just for their restaurant. The bar manager/buyer wasn’t in that day, so Cody stopped by again yesterday. And as he walked up to the restaurant, the bar manager was sitting on the front porch, holding a bottle of Five Farms, and talking on the phone to his distributor rep! He ordered a full case to start – a nice show of confidence when most on-premise accounts seem to start with a bottle or two – and they’ll be pouring it in Irish coffees starting this weekend and working it into brunch specials as early as next week. We should be seeing Five Farms in a number of other local on-premise accounts soon, including Café Vino, Ginger and Baker, Lucky Joe’s, Vincent’s, and Union, a new-ish place with a modern-day soda fountain concept that is famed for its boozy adult milkshakes and is a perfect fit for Five Farms. 

On the off-premise side, we got 7-case stacks sold into Campus West Liquors and Warehouse Liquors. The biggest and most highly-rated liquor store in town is Wilbur’s Total Beverage. They had started out with a one-bottle order a couple of weeks ago. One. Bottle. But they quickly ordered a full case, and last week installed a 12-case stack right at the front of the store – premium real estate for a new brand! Cody has five different hand-sells set up in that store between now and Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is getting out to their own favorite places in their own towns. We’re right in the thick of OND season, so your distributor reps might not have gotten everywhere just yet. There are so many types of on-premise accounts that are a slam dunk for Five Farms, from farm-to-table concepts to Irish pubs to local hot spots with cozy fireplaces and premium cocktails. Get out and talk to them while there’s still time to get product brought in for the holidays!  

Your town may not look like Disneyland, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be magical!

The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

Wilbur’s Total Beverage – 12-case stack!