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Back in September, we partnered with the South Shore Irish Fest in Marshfield, Massachusetts. It was our unofficial debut in the Boston area, and the festival organizer is a huge fan of Five Farms.

Yesterday I had this email exchange with him:

Pat: Hi Noelle! I have so many people asking me where they can purchase Five Farms here in Massachusetts. Can you please let me know?

Me: Hey Pat! Are you interested in just the Marshfield area or the entire state? Let me know and I’ll have a list pulled for you.

Pat: All of Massachusetts! People are wanting more!

So I requested an updated list from one of our top-notch sales analysts, Kristen Schimmel, and she had it to me within minutes, and I passed it along to Pat, and there are now countless fans in the state being pointed toward liquor stores in their area just in time for Thanksgiving.