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Well here’s some fun news to start the week…Molly and Shelly are absolutely killing it with the chains in Washington!

They’ve been working on getting Five Farms into chains in the state for months – lots of calls and meetings and weekly check-ins with all of the account executives at their distributor set the stage, and Molly says things really started to flow when that team was able to get out and visit the distillery in September.

After that, they got Five Farms into all 12 locations of Total Wine & More, with a commitment for 6-case displays with the milk churn at every location as well as wet tastings through the holiday season.

After that, they got Five Farms into all 15 locations of Haggen, an upscale market concept store owned by Safeway/Albertsons, along with authorization for the display planner for the month of December with the 6-case stacks and milk churns. They are not licensed for wet tastings but will be doing dry tastings with Five Farms pound cake.

And after that, they got a commitment from Safeway/Albertsons to bring it into all 180 stores in the state! They do not do floor displays but have made an initial order of 288 cases for their stores and will support it with dry tastings.

Molly and Shelly have done a great job on the on-premise side as well, with Five Farms available in over 300 bars and restaurants in Washington. Certainly having so many places to try it leads to consumers going into stores and looking for it, which can only help with a chain push.

Congratulations on this incredible success, Molly and Shelly!