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While I mentioned in my last post that Five Farms was a huge hit among all of the attendees at the conference of Irish festival organizers, Iowa deserves a special shout-out.
When I was checking into the hotel, I noticed that the man standing next to me was wearing a badge that said he was from Iowa Irish Fest. I said “Hey, I’m Noelle from Five Farms, we were at your festival this year,” and I kid you not, his mouth dropped open and he grabbed my hand and said “GOD BLESS YOU!” Then he turned around to shout to others from the Iowa contingent who were standing in the lobby: “Hey! The Five Farms people are here!”
Later in the evening, I met another woman from the Iowa team, who asked me for my email so she could share these pictures of she and a friend guzzling from the Five Farms bottle to make milk mustaches at their festival! He was the festival DJ and was apparently shouting out Five Farms throughout the fest. We are feeling the love in Iowa!