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September 14


Here’s how fast and furious everything is happening. By the time I wrote last week’s recap on Friday, so much had happened that week that I completely forgot to write about Kansas City Irish Fest that had happened just the weekend prior! My apologies to the team who worked so hard to make that event a huge success.

To refresh your memory, at Milwaukee Irish Fest we went through 60 cases and were thrilled with that result. So it was a mind-blowing surprise to go through more than DOUBLE that amount at KCIF! The festival went through 127 cases in 2.5 days – 23 of those were used for sampling, and a whopping 104 of them were sold in cocktails. More than five times the amount of Baileys sold at last year’s festival! And guess what? It was hotter than hell. Heat indexes (or indices, if you’re a fellow grammar nerd) of over 100 degrees. And yet Five Farms on the Rocks was the #1 selling cocktail at the entire festival. More people were sipping on Five Farms than on Jamesons, even in that crazy heat.

Oh, and the Red Hot Chili Pipers are huge fans. They even took a bottle on stage with them during their performance. After seeing (loving) them at both MKE and KC Irish Fests, I might technically be a groupie now. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Brendan put together a quick recap video of the festival and you can watch it HERE.


Last weekend we made our Colorado debut at the Denver Food + Wine Festival. Our space was outstanding, the best and most inviting tent by a mile. This was our first festival experience with the brand that wasn’t an Irish festival, and I’m happy to report that the response was just as enthusiastic! The crowd was less interested in the Irish authenticity and more interested in the farm-to-table aspect of the brand, but the result was the same: an entirely new audience of people who fell in love with Five Farms.

Colorado is now primed and ready for the official state launch! We’ve gotten a lot of interest from food/drink bloggers in the state and have several of the state’s largest publications considering it for their holiday gift guides. The folks at Creative Culinary posted this blog entry and shared FF on their Instagram feed as well.

Also wanted to share that one of the promo models asked me for my card and followed up after the event with some great feedback: “I’ve been doing liquor promo for three years and working with your brand was truly a unique experience. In the entire four hours we worked and the countless people we talked to, there was only one person who didn’t like it. My experience with tastings is that a positive response is 50/50 at best, usually far less. This was so different. Everyone just loved it so much. Thanks for letting me be part of the movement!”

But my most jaw-dropping piece of news to come out of Colorado is that when consumers who saw Josh’s CO-targeted posts on Facebook made comments about where to buy, before we could even respond we were beaten to it by a distributor rep from Southern Glazer’s! A distributor rep was actively following our page, tracking comments from CO consumers, and responding to them. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing happen?


Wyoming put Five Farms Irish Cream up on their Eliquor ordering website as soon as it hit the state last week so that stores could start ordering immediately. (Same thing happened in Utah.) This is seriously the Wild, Wild West! Mike Edwards reports that it usually takes 2 – 3 weeks before the state gets things set up to process orders and ship to stores. With Five Farms, they did it in less than 24 hours!


Molly and Shelly recently did a two-day crew drive in Oregon that was a smashing success. Some highlights:

  • Every store they visited put up either a five- or ten-case display
  • 16 displays went up and 86 cases sold in display activity
  • Tastings were scheduled at most of these stores
  • 23 new points of distribution (on- and off-premise)

A great bottom line stat: 105 stores in Oregon do 90% of the business in the state, and Five Farms is available in 92 of those 105. And that’s as of last week! They were still selling so that number has certainly gone up.


It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on a year since we first launched Five Farms in Missouri. While many states have been anxiously awaiting their turn, perhaps none so much as Kansas. I mean there we’ve been, tantalizingly just across the state line. Imagine the torture! But Joe and Patrick had a fantastic launch meeting in the state and it’s hitting stores now, much to the delight of retailers! You can see two examples HERE and HERE of stores that posted to social about how excited they are to finally have Five Farms in their stores!


Late-breaking news, and this is big. Like, really really big. Are you sitting down? Indiana has already blown through its initial allocation and has just placed an order for 1380 more cases. THAT IS AN ENTIRE TRUCKLOAD OF FIVE FARMS! Holy Moly! We’re shipping by the truckload now!!! This might have been me when I heard this news. (Don’t judge.)

Indiana is tough, y’all. The Indy Irish Fest wanted us and the Indy Wine and Food Experience wanted us, but the licensing laws are so tough there that we couldn’t do either. And Tyrone is killing it even without that kind of exposure – great job!!

Keep the good news coming! Email me your updates so we can give you the shout outs that you deserve! Keep up the amazing work, everyone!