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So you know how sometimes when you’re searching for something on google, you see ads pop up that may or may not be for something that you’re interested in? Whenever you click on one of those ads, that action is recorded by google and is factored into what they call the “click-through rate” for that ad. Obviously, the more people that are interested enough in what they see to click on the ad, the better!

But click-through rates are typically very low. Josh created this graphic showing what the average click-through rates are for different industries. You can see that aside from ads for online dating services (at 6.05%), there is no industry that has an average click-through rate above 5%. Most are less than 3%.

Knowing this, what would you say is a good click-through rate for Five Farms ads? 5%? Maybe 10%? How about 26%??? That’s right. Not a typo. Our click-through rate is 26%!!! This is not a happy accident. This is the good word of mouth that’s starting to get out there about Five Farms combined with Josh expertly targeting the exact people we want to see these ads. Great job, Josh!