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Fun Fact: Boston slang for liquor stores is “packies.” As in package stores. I know this is true because a YouTube video about Boston slang featuring Mark Wahlberg told me so. Whether you’re a fan of the “Funky Bunch” version of Mark Wahlberg or the “Oscar Nominee” version of Mark Wahlberg, I’m sure we can all agree that he knows what he’s talking about where Boston is concerned.

But I digress! The point of this post is to talk about the super successful visit to the Boston area that Wyatt and Matt had last week. They blitzed on- and off-premise accounts on ride-withs over the course of four days that resulted in so many 6-case stacks that by the end of the week, the distributor said they only had 15 cases left out of their initial 420-case order and that they had already ordered an additional 600 cases! Allyn tells us that our distributors are fully on board with this brand, which is huge for us in a state where they haven’t traditionally given us a lot of love. If you ask Patrick about the 360/RedSox thing, it will make his left eye start twitching. Try it.

Matt stuck around through the weekend to handle a few events for us – a golf tournament hosted by the Irish Cultural Centre of New England (ICC) and then the South Shore Irish Fest (SSIF) in Marshfield MA. The ICC was thrilled by our presence, said everyone in attendance raved about the product, and we are already in talks to work with them next summer on the Boston Irish Fest! The SSIF is a smaller festival – about 7500 people this year – and they were equally thrilled to have us as a partner, said there were crowds around our tent throughout both days of the festival, and told us that all they could hear anyone talking about was FIVE FARMS!