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September 7


Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing my way through the recap this week! But I am deep in the heart of Texas! Austin, to be exact. Had a meeting with the Irish Consulate here yesterday and was lucky enough to get to be part of Mike Dry’s Austin launch meeting this morning!

We met the Vice Consul from the Austin Irish Consulate at KC Irish Fest and he was wowed by Five Farms and eager to talk about how they could support us. He has offered to host a VIP reception for us at the Consulate! And guess what? There are five other Irish Consulates in the US (in addition to the Irish Embassy in DC) – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco (with another to open in Los Angeles next year). Part of their mission is to help support and promote Irish products in the states, so this is another great relationship for us to have.

Dallas launched this morning as well, with Mick and Kelly Sporich on hand. Team Texas came up with a fun promotion for their distributor reps – the one who sells the most 6-10 case stacks will win the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Or more specifically, a gold coin with an estimated value of $1500. At the Austin meeting, a bagpiper opened and closed the meeting and Five Farms was sampled as a straight shot and mixed into two different cocktails. The reps loved it and seem fired up and ready to go! They were even posting about it on social media from the meetings! (Pictures attached).

Clear Hearts, Five Farms, Can’t Lose! (Is it possible to write about Texas without eventually making a Friday Night Lights reference? No! Of course it isn’t.)


There were seven different launch meetings today! In addition to Austin and Dallas, there were meetings in Boston, Chicago, Knoxville, St. Louis, and Kansas City Kansas (KCK). Looking forward to sharing how they all went next week!


Denver Food + Wine Festival events kicked off this week with the “Culinary Cinema Series” on Tuesday night. Five Farms was featured during a screening of the film The Goddesses of Food, a private event for a select crowd of 100 people. Cody was able to sample at least half of those people and it was (unsurprisingly) a huge hit. The bartenders did a side by side against Baileys and ended up texting their buyers/managers on the spot to tell them to switch Baileys out ASAP!

Tonight Cody and the team will be a part of “The Shakedown”, a bartender cocktail competition that will feature Broker’s Gin. And tomorrow is the Grand Tasting, the showcase event of the festival. Matt and Josh drove to Denver in Five Farms One, and they’re in Denver working alongside Cody, Mark, Jordan S, and Wyatt to create the most amaaaaazing booth that DF+WF has ever seen. (That’s not just me saying that. That is Southern Glazer’s saying that. True fact.) This is going to be a fantastic event that is just about the best introduction to the state of Colorado that I can imagine! Pictures attached of the Cinema Series event and the booth set-up for the Grand Tasting.


OK…I know I just said no singing this week. And here I am referencing Bruno Mars but not even accurately, because everyone knows the song is 24K Magic and that 24K is a reference to 24K gold so what in the world does 25K have to do with anything? Has she lost her mind?

No, she has not. 25K Magic. As in 25,000. Because selling 25,000 cases of Five Farms when we’ve only been in a handful of states this year is pretty magical, don’t you think? Every single state that has kicked off has sold out and had to reorder. Iowa went through a year’s allocation in one week. Oregon has reordered twice now! And Georgia went through its initial allocation in 4 days, before any launch meetings were even held! They’ve already ordered 500 more cases!


The love for Johnny Harte continues unabated. He and Patrick were on 810 Radio in KC yesterday, talking about the brand and about Irish sport. Josh recorded it as a Facebook Live video (which you can watch here), and the response to it has been pretty great. The video got a lot of comments, including one from Montana from someone who had tuned into the FB Live and wanted to know where to buy there! And at least one commenter was smitten by that Donegal accent (picture attached).


The branding for Five Farms is exactly that….Five Farms. F-I-V-E FARMS. Not 5 Farms. Never, ever 5 Farms. We’ve already seen at least one instance of a featured drink listing 5 Farms as an ingredient (image attached) and it almost made Patrick cry. Please don’t make Patrick cry.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

More to come next week…..