Coleman Farm

Michael Coleman grew up knowing that he wanted to be a farmer, like his father and grandfather before him. Farming is in his blood on both sides of his family; his maternal grandfather was one of the ten farmers who banded together to form the local Co-op in 1925.

His father, Chris, still works by his side. Together they tend to a herd of 140 cows, the largest number they feel they can manage on their own. They prioritize the production of high-quality grass in their pasture, adhering rigidly to a seven- to eight-year reseeding program.

Michael has the additional support of his wife, Majella, who grew up in a pub family and had never experienced life on a farm. She has embraced the farming life and is a vital asset to the Coleman farm, assisting with daily tasks and bookkeeping. The couple has three children, Louise, James, and Cian, who are active in local athletics and who help on the farm. The three of them are particularly fond of the farm’s only all-white cow, whom they affectionately call “Casper”.

Michael is also the treasurer of the local Gaelic Hurling and Football club in Barryroe, securing the funds to manage the club’s annual budget. The family is able to enjoy quality carefree holiday time each year, knowing their grandfather Chris will take care of the farm while they are away.